Digital Library Management

The first term of the MSc Digital Libraries is about digital library management and starts August 25th.

I am about to order the books I need to read as we don’t have them in our own Ingressus library yet. As some books are sold out, please contact me if you have one or more of the books which I can use/borrow/buy from you.

This is list of literature:
Andrews J. & Law D. (2004). Digital libraries: Policy, planning and practice. Aldershot, Ashgate. (pp. 37-52, 99-154, 213-227).
Arms W.Y. (2000) Digital libraries. Cambridge, MA, London: MIT Press. 308 p.
Borgman C. L. (2000). From Gutenberg to the global information infrastructure. Access to information in the networked world. Cambridge, MA, London: MIT Press. (pp. 1-80, 225-270)
Bryson J. (2006). Managing information services: a transformational approach. 2nd ed. Aldershot:Ashgate. (pp. 27-60, 111-136, 227-326)Lee S. D. (2002). Building an electronic resource collection: a practical guide. London: Library Association Publishing. (pp. 1-124)
Tatnall, Arthur (2005). Web portals: The new gateways to Internet information and services. Hershey, PA: Idea Group Publishing. (pp. 1-14, 80-98, 185-211).


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