Taskforce Web 2.0

Ik heb dan wel bedankt om officieel deel uit te maken van de Taskforce Web 2.0 van EAHIL, samen met Guus van den Brekel en Oliver Obst heb ik wel een eerste opzet geschreven tbv het EAHIL bestuur. De nieuwe Taskforce, Guus, Oliver aangevuld met Lotta Haglund en Benoit Thirion, heeft nu een eigen blog in de lucht. Hieronder de aankondiging van de EAHIL discussielijst:

The Taskforce Web 2.0 Blog has just been published. You will find the latest info on the new two members that completed the Taskforce Team there.

Here is what the Taskforce is about:

The latest issue of the Journal of Eahil contains an article called “Working, Sharing, Communicating, Learning and Teaching with others : the use of Web 2.0 tools for EAHIL Council, Board and Members”.

The original proposal was written in Januari 2009 by Guus van den Brekel, Ronald van Dieën, Oliver Obst and put to the EAHIL Board in Februari. You can read the edited version for the JEAHIL in the first post of this blog. (It is showing a pdf version in a “social publishing tool” called Scribd). 

This is what we finally are trying to achieve:

“The proposal envisioned the following environment where
    * appropriate social networking tools for EAHIL members and member organisations are introduced, explained and discussed to understand how useful some of these technologies can be in libraries.
    * experiences and reviews of different tools are gathered and published.
    * aspects to enclose are local differences and trends between EAHIL countries, to learn what the applied use and benefits could be for any medical library, it’s staff and its customers/patrons. (Comparable to Library Success Wiki)
    * EAHIL members are offered the possibility to explore and play with new technologies, as this is the best way to embrase and actually engage.
    * Working, Sharing, Communicating, Learning and Teaching from and with eachother, can be supported.”

The Taskforce Blog will be a central point where new developments will be discussed and published. A place to get into contact with the Taskforce members and others.

Like a regular web 2.0 tool, the blog is in a permanent beta-state. Content and layout will change over time. Tools to get into touch, email, chat etc will be implemented.

We need to know what YOU (as EAHIL member) think about all this.

here’s the url: http://tw2eahil.blogspot.com

Please have a look, read the proposal and the posts out there, and respond or comment.

Please save it in your favourites, bookmarks or in your personal startpage, somewhere, and please comment on what is out there. 

Come back frequently, as we will post on new developments, news etc.

If you don”t want to come back, but want to read the new content via RSS; use this: http://feeds2.feedburner.com/tw2eahil to save it in your favourite feedreader.

best regards,
Guus van den Brekel

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Eén reactie to “Taskforce Web 2.0”

  1. Wichor Bramer Says:

    he ronald, ik ken dit verhaal… grappig dat ik je er net vanochtend over sprak.

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