Hoe werf ik een informatiespecialist…

Natuurlijk kom ik binnenkort nog terug op het verzoek van Wouter, maar nu even niet, want het wauw moment dat ik vermorgen had bij het lezen van onderstaande personeelsadvertentie wil ik graag met jullie delen. 

Are you proud to be a librarian?

Can you imagine working for a company that knows the difference between a librarian, a scientist and an IT specialist – and specifically chooses MLS prepared librarians for its Library?

Then take a look at this job – Takeda Pharmaceuticals North America understands the difference and wants what professional librarians bring to the table. We’re so proud of them that we call them :                            Reference Librarians 

Interested in working in a team oriented environment with other top notch librarians? Please apply here:  http://www.tpna.com  then go to the Careers section and search for; Reference Librarian 

Brief Job Description:
– to provide for the information needs of assigned groups and in support of compound teams with both database searching, alerting services and training in the optimal use of the Intelligencenter resources.
– contributes in the development Takeda’s desktop virtual library, the Intelligencenter  by the evaluation, choice and acquisition of databases, websites, journals, books, documents, government documents, contracts, library equipment, library software and technology and their vendors
– responsible for communication with key contacts in each assigned group and assigned compound team to be aware of changes in needs and the need to respond.
– shares responsibility for having knowledge and being in compliance with copyright laws, vendor licensing restrictions and FDA restrictions in regards to the provision of scientific and business informationQualifications Required:

Master’s Degree in Library Science from an ALA accredited program
3 years experience in a pharmaceutical, university medical or corporate library

Ik begreep van Rya Ben-Shir, de senior manager van het Intelligencenter, dat de advertentie ook is geschreven door een bibliothecaris. Wauw!



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